York University | Bryden Alumni Awards

Bryden Awards recognizes hard work, dedication, talent and education harnessed by an Alumni member who has contributed greatly to our community in their career. York University recognizes the successes of their alumni through this coveted annual program, which has seen recipients spanning across a range of disciplines and experience levels.

At Palettera, we have always believed that art is able to capture meaning, sentiments, and value like no other form of gift or recognition, and can also act as cultural exchange of substance and locale. 

For the Bryden Alumni Awards, we created a masterpiece that heartfully recognizes the achievement of excellence and contribution of their graduates by designing a detailed graphic masterpiece and handcrafted keepsake. In addition to creating the new iconic logo for the Bryden program, we captured this prestigious award by producing a bespoke handcrafted folio enclosed in a custom lucite case. This piece is designed to be proudly displayed in their homes, passed onto future generations as an heirloom, and touch the hearts of our esteemed York Alumni award winners.

award concept design ∙ hard cover award with Lucite case