PALETTERA [pal-ə-terra]

is a visual & textual culmination of several powerful concepts. 

Palette’ represents a myriad of colour, and the homonym: “palate”, the cultivation and appreciation of taste.

Letter’ is becoming a rare word, with society’s dependence on e-mail, but we are reminded that a handwritten letter can never be replaced. ‘Letter’ also represents the characters and letterforms in the alphabet that allow us words, and is one half of ‘letterpress,’ which is a traditional method of printing that we practice daily.

Lastly, ‘era’ captures the sentiment and awareness of time — that we are collectively living and creating in a distinct period of history. Therefore, in our work, we strive to be timeless, to revere history, celebrate today, and move the world forward to the future.

We are designers & makers.

PALETTERA is a design studio of artists and craftspeople. Every story we tell through our art has roots, nuances, and individuality. We push ourselves and our art to become greater; this is graphic design expanded into a larger narrative.

event branding & design

With 8.5 years of experience in the luxury event space, Palettera has a keen eye for innovating and identifying leading trends in this industry. We have the expertise to develop cutting edge ideas and create unforgettable experiences through design. With an in-depth understanding of servicing high-calibre clients, Palettera continues to deliver the unexpected; from sculptural paper installations to incredible graphic backdrops for contemporary cocktail parties and the grandest of soirées.

We also work with numerous community organizations to brand their events with compelling identity, and conceptualize refreshing angles every year. We love creating masterpieces that people remember — identities and objects that have impact on a community’s cultural sphere.

From the first digital communication, to handcrafted invitations, all the way down to the smallest detail on the tablescape to complete the entire vision, we can work with your in-house event teams to strategize distinguished and original events to engage your audience at the most intimate level.

Activations & Campaigns

Holidays and festivals play a rich and important role in our culture. We look forward to these special moments that hold joy, a sense of community, and identity. In a world with so many distractions, Palettera can help quiet the noise and bring a meaningful experience to your space. Working with stellar event partners, we will help you create an immersive energy in any space with thoughtful and artistic activations that are larger than life — leading to natural moments that are deeply memorable and social media-worthy.

Business Branding and Ad Design

Our roots are in print. As Canada’s luxury print design firm and the winner of the Canadian Stationery of the Year Award, we bring our passion for storytelling and craftsmanship to your brand. Whether it is refreshing your wordmark or creating a new coat of arms, Palettera will give your company a voice that will be remembered. 

Our excellence starts with our love of listening, and curiosity about what makes you so incredible. With a beautiful story, a thorough consultation process, meticulous design, and flawless execution, your brand identity comes together to create an experience with impact and intent.

awards & merit

Bizbash 2018 Best Non-profit Event Concept 

BizBash 2017 Top 3 Finalists Best Non-profit Event Concept

ACCE Award for Community Service, 2016

BizBash 2016 Runner Up Best Tradeshow Concept

CWIA Stationery Designer of the Year, 2014, 8 awards