sickkids foundation | Glitter

SickKids has helped many children battle the worst illnesses, including those of our close friends and family in Toronto. They are such an important force in our city and country, for the tireless and heart wrenching work that happens daily. We have been honoured to be a part of the Glitter Gala, which has continued to be one of Palettera’s signature events to design for annually since 2017. 

With a cabinet of members from Chinese descent, Palettera continues to raise the bar in this community of potential donors, by delving deep into modern Asian culture, and positioning the design of their identity in a way that they never expected. Palettera’s main inspirations include historical and architectural contexts, classic pop culture, and contemporary twists of vibrant colours to juxtapose the historical tones, which all came together to spark magic and unexpected reactions.

In 2017 we designed Glitter Shanghai, a deco-inspired pop colour environment. “A Night of Icons” was brought to life in 2018, inspired by the stars of the God of Gamblers movie series.

Event Photography: Curio Studios, George Pimentel, YYZ Events

event branding & design ∙ sponsorship material ∙ invitation design & production ∙ event day stationery ∙ programme book ∙ stage backdrop & signage ∙ bar vinyls ∙ floor design & overhead decor