Mantella Family Crest

A family crest is something sacred and also aspirational. When passed down the generations, a crest offers a sense of heritage and where things come from in a visual, beautiful way. In the past, kings and queens had beautiful family emblems, and many European families were privileged with unique crests that differentiated them from other clans. Institutions have coat of arms to anchor their culture and history. Today, we embrace the tradition of family crests in a refreshing way. For families that have never had a crest, we can take this opportunity to develop a visual language for them — we will compose something that is not only functional but a statement of style and legacy. 

We worked with Sylvia Mantella to design the Mantella family crest to capture the love, life, style, and values of this iconic Canadian family. As Toronto’s coveted style icon, Sylvia has built a spectacular personal brand. She also brings that brand into many philanthropic events in a way that has finesse. With each of their company ads, they position themselves with poise, purpose, and style. It sparkles in comparison to many brands. The family is unified in the way it lives and celebrates together. The Mantella family also owns an animal reserve together, and is involved in numerous charities and celebrations that add to the city’s landscape. There is a strong sense of purpose in the family, a lot of it fueled by Robert & Sylvia.

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