Our Story


PALETTERA [pal-ə-terra] is a visual & textual culmination of several powerful concepts. 

Palette’, also a homonym for palate, represents both a selection of colour and the cultivation and appreciation of taste.

Letter’ is becoming a rare word, with society’s dependence on e-mail, but we are reminded that a handwritten letter can never be replaced. ‘Letter’ also represents the characters and letterforms in the alphabet, and is half of ‘letterpress,’ which is a traditional method of printing that we practice daily.

Lastly, ‘era’ captures the sentiment and awareness of time — that we are collectively living and creating in a distinct period of history. Therefore, in our work, we strive to be timeless, so that we revere history, celebrate today, and move the world forward to the future.

We are designers & makers.

PALETTERA is a design studio of artists and craftspeople. Every story we tell through our art has roots, nuances, and individuality. We push ourselves and our art to become greater; this is graphic design expanded into a larger narrative.