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Palettera is a boutique design studio, situated in the heart of Unionville (Markham). Art Director, Designer & Owner, Deborah Lau-Yu is known for her custom hand-drawn artwork and narrative depth, her eye for style and structural flair, and her dedication to the community through design. Her passion for creating meaningful images extends beyond the boundaries of paper and design. Deb's ongoing work is also a visual commentary and contribution to the urban landscape. She is educated in urban planning & graphic design, and is inherently passionate about urban issues and design discourse. Deb constantly challenges herself and others to consider their relationship with time, space, and a sense of place in their environment.

Our studio exists because it is important to have a physical space in which to properly house a professional design practice. We do all of our design and production in-house, using local Canadian-sourced materials, and hand crafted techniques, such as letterpress printing. Our projects embody attuned cultural sensitivity towards each clientele, each unlike any other. Palettera is a space where ideas thrive and customers are inspired, the minute they step foot in our door. Each piece of furniture, decor and artwork have been thoughtfully selected to spark some curiosity for 'time' and the 'printed page'. It matters that our projects are in tune with our greater vision of locality and that we have dedicated a cozy storefront to welcome our community.

Please stop by and check our store! Stay and while, write a card or letter to a friend, and enjoy a cup of our coffee! You will feel refreshed and inspired.

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